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Kids Audition Performance

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Once your child begins going out on auditions, keep in mind the tendencies of children. There will be good days; there will be tired days; there will be high-energy days; and days when, no matter what you promise, they won't do anything for anybody. Will the casting people understand? Of course they will.

There will be other calls, other projects, and there's no need to burn bridges with casting directors over an attitude caused by a missed nap.

A casting director wants to see a child act like a child. When reviewing a part, besides specific character traits that will be noted both by the content or the casting agency, children should be themselves. No casting director wants to see an eight-year-old act like a twenty-fiveyear-old.

The only thing your child really needs to know is to have fun!

When it's your child's turn to audition, tell them good luck and wait outside. A casting director needs to know that a child can perform without the parents around.

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