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The world of modeling is fast-paced, high paying and exciting! Many times models travel to exotic locations all over the world: New York, Paris, Los Angeles, Japan, Hawaii, the Caribbean and just about any other location one can imagine. The modeling community of today is also far more diverse than in years past; companies needs all types of models to sell their products. Although there are many avenues for models to secure work, it's necessary for any model to understand the audition process.

On a modeling audition you will be brought in to meet with the casting director or producer of the project being cast. They may take some test shots of you and conduct a brief meeting to get to know you better. As long as the meeting goes well, and you don't make a terrible impression, there is nothing more to prove than the right look. Unlike acting or singing auditions, your look and attitude will usually be what lands you the job.

When you go to the audition (or go-see), bring your portfolio along with a headshot or comp-card. All models should have the following information available: height, weight, shoe size, hat size and waist. For males, you should know your suit size, shirt size and inseam. For women, you should have available your bust size, hips, dress size, blouse size and pant size. Now that the casting director/agency has met you, seen your book, and understands a little bit more about you as a person, your job is finished – the agency can recommend you based on your look and personality, but ultimately the client will choose who gets the job.

The most important thing you can do for yourself is to leave the audition behind once it's over – don't wait for the phone to ring with good news. If you were right for the part you will get the call. Most new models, even models that have been in the business for years, make the mistake of placing to much energy on a single job. The reality of the business is that you will be passed on many more campaigns than you will get. But that's okay, because the modeling world is a game of numbers – just stick with it. The last thing to remember is that every model is just one audition away for becoming the next big Supermodel!

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